Marathon PLOVDIV


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Encourage our marathoners

All runners need support and encouragement! All along the race, their families and friends can cheer them up at the most interesting and easy accessible spots of the route.

Some advices for the public

Yes: You can meet your friends running the Marathon Plovdiv & Half Marathon at the most convenient spot for you, just ask them about the time they plan to reach it.

Yes: You can encourage our runners by reading their names, printed directly on their bib.

No: Please do not disturb our runners and don’t mess around the route, it is for them!

Yes: If it is necessary to cross the route, please make sure you are not interrupting their course.

Yes: Each runner is making tremendous efforts to overcome distance. Offer help, if you notice that they need one. Applause!

No: Do not offend and do not provoke our runners, the marathon is an effort of the will and spirit!

Yes: If you are not residents of the city, make the most of your stay and visit the most remarkable places of the city.

No: Do not pollute and do not throw waste in unmarked places! Help us to keep the city clean!

Yes: Take pictures and share, let´s make together Marathon Plovdiv & Hal Marathon the event we will talk about with smile and satisfaction!