Registration the 42K Marathon Plovdiv

Registration the 42K Marathon Plovdiv

Registration the 42K Marathon Plovdiv


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* I declare that all data I have submitted is true and exact.

* I declare, that I am taking part in Marathon Plovdiv & Half Marathon by my own will and I certify that I do not suffer from diseases that are counter to the practice of running and / or participation in competitions.

* I agree that my name and personal data will be used and published on the Marathon Plovdiv & Half Marathon website for the purposes of my participation in the race and the announcement of my result and ranking.

* I am aware and understand that during my participation in the race photos will be taken, which can be posted on the Marathon Plovdiv & Half Marathon website, as well as on social media, without being notified in advance of this. I reserve the right to request the removal of all published photos on which I do appear.

* I agree and undertake to comply with the Rules for Participation in Marathon Plovdiv & Half Marathon. I do accept to act in accordance with the instructions of the organizing team and the volunteers during the race.

Participation fee

 40 BGN (1 EUR = 1,95583 BGN) The registration includes a T-shirt

 15 BGN (1 EUR = 1,95583 BGN) I would like to buy a T-shirt

* T-shirt size:

!!! Payment is made by credit or debit card.



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