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Marathon Plovdiv 2020 is going virtual!

Marathon Plovdiv 2020 is going virtual!

We thank everyone for your active position and support towards Marathon Plovdiv. We hope that you are still in good running shape, because there will be a marathon, although a virtual one!

From November 14 until November 22, 2020, in cooperation with Race Timing, we will hold the first virtual marathon and half marathon in Bulgaria. Given the number of registered participants, we believe that this is going to be the largest virtual run in Bulgaria so far.

It is open to all runners, already registered on our site and for their chosen distance. You decide on which day between November 14 and 22 to run, you chose your convenient time of the day and the route where you feel safe. The only condition is to track your race with any of the public sports applications over a smartphone or sports watch, then to publish a link to your track, which is publicly available on the platform of the event.

We will send a medal and a t-shirt (if your registration includes a t-shirt) to all who have successfully completed their distance.

Stay tuned! More details are coming soon!

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