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Important information about participation fee refund

Important information about participation fee refund


This announcement is only to the attention of the athletes who have not participated in the virtual Marathon Plovdiv 2020 and who wish to receive back their participation fee!

Please contact us by EMAIL no later than December 22, 2020, and let us know that you wish your participation fee to be reimbursed.

All fees will be paid by bank transfer to a bank account specified by you.

Requests received by Messenger will not be processed.

Inquiries received after this date will not be processed.

After gathering of all inquiries, we will proceed to a refund in January 2021.

If you have ordered a T-shirt with your fee, we will send you the T-shirt by courier to the address of the Speedy courier company indicated by you.

Participants from abroad who have ordered a T-shirt will be reimbursed in full. We will not send T-shirts outside Bulgaria.

If you were among the first 300 registered participants, we will send you the T-shirt again, it is our gift to you.

If you have paid for a T-shirt, but want to cancel - unfortunately we will not be able to satisfy your request.

We kindly ask everyone who wanted their registrations to be transferred for 2021 to contact us, we will refund your participation fee. Registrations for participation in the Marathon Plovdiv 2021 will not be transferred.

In case there are outstanding questions, please communicate with us by email.

Stay safe and healthy,

The Team at Marathon Plovdiv

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