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42K Marathon Plovdiv

Marathon Plovdiv is the only one classic road running race, taking place in the streets of the oldest city of Europe – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It is typically held the last weekend of April, or first weekend of May and offers two distances: classic marathon AIMS/IAAF certified distance of 42, 195 km and half-marathon distance of 21,1 km. Both of them are citywide road courses, passing along major historic sites and monuments of glory, beautiful parks and landmarks. All professional and amateur athletes participate with no restrictions, draw or qualifying time requirement.

The Marathon Plovdiv is one of the most popular road races in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. Annually it welcomes participants from 25 countries. Numbers of runners increase every year, motivated by the affordable inscription fees, the remarkable destination and prize fund.


The venue

With its 8-millennia history, Plovdiv has been proclaimed the oldest continuously-inhabited city in Europe and the 6-th oldest in the world. Plovdiv is a city older than Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem. This is where the European civilization and culture is born, a contemporary of Troy and Mycenae, a city where history meet the modern life. Plovdiv has ranked in Top 3 European Travel Destinations in 2016 and one of the most romantic cities in Europe.


Date and time

The marathon starts at 9.00 am on Sunday, September 24, 2023.


Registration fee and information

  • 35 EUR no T-shirt included
  • 48 EUR T-shirt included

Registration is possible only online until 0:00 GMT on September 01, 2023. Please read the Rules for participation and proceed for Registration. In order to complete your registration you need to make the payment in the moment of its creation. In case you experience troubles with our registration page, e-mail us at info(at) 

Declaration for Personal Data Protection

Marathon Plovdiv respects your privacy and takes all necessary measures to protect and not to share your personal data with anyone. Marathon Plovdiv declares that your personal data will be used only for the purpose of your participation in the race. The autorized person for processing of your personal data is Stela Ganeva, Manager of the "Registration". 

Prize fund

The Marathon Plovdiv winners in Men’s and Women’s category will receive a money prize as follows:

I place - 3000 BGN (approx. 1500 €)

II place – 2000 BGN (approx. 1000 €)

III place – 1000 BGN (approx. 500 €)


Time limit

The time limit is 5:30 h. (five hours and 30 minutes)


Marathon Plovdiv Course Detail

To consult our course map, please click here  


Race packages

The race package includes your bib number, timing chip, samples and/or advertising items, provided by sponsors and T-shirt if ordered.

All participants will receive their race package on September 23, 2023, from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm, the Registration zone will be located at Central Square, Plovdiv.



You can leave your belongings in the luggage zone near the Start area in a closed bag from 8.00 am untill 8.30 am on September 24, 2023. Bringing valuables is not advised.


Start and Finish areas

The Start of Marathon Plovdiv & Half Marathon will be at Central Square in proximity to the Military Club in Plovdiv and Tzar Simeonova Garden. The course finishes at the same starting point. Participants in the Half marathon will be directed to their course by the marathon staff.


Refreshment stations

Refreshment stations with drinks, fresh and dried fruits are provided every 5 km and after the Finish line.


Medical info and support

Before the race, we are kindly advising you to pass a medical check. People with heart or respiratory problems should not participate in the marathon. Although medical certificate will not be required, every participant is obliged to declare that his/her participation in the marathon does not violate a medical prescription.


During the race in case you have health problems, leave the race and ask for a medical help immediately. Medical teams for marathoners support will be located along the route at clearly indicated and visible spots.


Finishers’ medal

All marathon finishers will receive a unique medal for their participation.