Marathon Plovdiv 2019 has new, better and faster course route

Marathon Plovdiv 2019 has new, better and faster course route


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A couple of months before the beginning of 2019, the year in which Plovdiv will be the European Capital of Culture and exactly 7 months prior the start of the fourth edition of Marathon Plovdiv, May 5, 2019, we have made pretty significant changes in our races, probably anticipated by many of you. The most important of which is the new marathon course route. The course goes along wide city boulevards that can easily welcome more participants; boulevards that won’t be subject of repair works in 2019, and which show the most beautiful sceneries in our city. At the end of September, we have received the marathon course certificate of measurement and we are ready to roll!

We have dropped out all non major and even industrial streets. Runners will not go over the Adata Bridge and the passage through the Rowing Channel is altered as well - for many of you this was a really difficult point of the race. The route is faster and you may expect your new personal best marathon time! We also look forward to a new and faster time of the Marathon Plovdiv 2019 winner. To check the new course map, please click here.

The second good news is that we also have made a minor change in the Half-Marathon course route, dropping out a couple of small streets, but in 90% the course will stay unchanged. To check the Half-Marathon course route, please click here.

Last but not least, later in October the registration for participation will be open, so hold on to your patience a few more days, as more good news are coming your way. Marathon Plovdiv will truly be your "Race to remember".

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